Have you noticed that some people are always getting sick and then some never do? Getting sick is highly unenjoyable. You get to miss work, have to keep yourself isolated so that others don’t catch the disease, and feel all sorts of lethargy and pain. People who generally don’t catch the flu very often are hardly sick, all have one thing in common, and that is that they do not have weak immunity.


The immune system of the body is responsible for fighting off diseases and keeping the body healthy. The higher immunity you have, the more chances you have of preventing diseases. So it all revolves around building your immunity. This has to be done to a level that there is little to no effect of outside bacteria and viruses on your body. 

How to build immunity.

Strong immunity is like a shield that protects the invasion of foreign viruses from affecting the body. There are many contributors to strengthening it and they are all mentioned below.

Eat nuts.

Nuts are little pouches of goodness that help ward off all kinds of diseases. They are equipped with the necessary nutrients like good fats, omega-3, and vitamin D that not only build immunity but also prevent illnesses.

Keep your body on the move.

A regular brisk walk, a small jog, or anything that keeps you on the move not only builds the body’s strength but also boost the immunity system of the body.

Say no to smoking. 

Smoking kills in the literal sense and also shatters the body’s immunity system. People who smoke more are more probably to catch a disease than others who don’t. If you are habitual, you must quit now.

Restrict alcohol and caffeine. 

While a cup or two of coffee in a day is good for you, more than the permitted amount can have drastic effects on your health. The same is true for alcohol. 

Eat fresh food and include more vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits have natural disease-fighting nutrients that are great for keeping you healthy.