Practicing a regular sport activity


Physical activity helps keep you in shape, promotes longevity and helps prevent the decline of immune function. If you don’t practice a sport, it is recommended that you walk 30 minutes a day at a steady pace.

Being well-behaved at work


Paying attention to your working posture during work is very important. Indeed, in all work you must behave well. Pay attention to your back and your neck during your telework days. To properly position your workstation, you must place the top of your screen at eye level as well as the keyboard in alignment with your screen.


Make it full of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Food coaching

Combine raw and cooked recipes to get the most out of all their antioxidants that protect against the free radicals responsible for the premature aging of our cells.


Pay attention to the expiration date.


Observe the expiration dates and indications on the medicine boxes. Do not use a medication beyond the expiration date indicated on the box and on the medication leaflets.